Made in Viet Nam

The VietNam art and craft is the heritage of our culture and it has been preserved from generation to generation.


Beside their expertise and knowledge of production techniques, our manufacturers are selected


The Viet Nam philosophy is made up of innovative products, high quality, long duration, excellent functionality and attractive design and customize as your requirements


We are willing to represent you in the business operations as well as to all legal activities, support to promote the business, expanding the market and reach customers or simply as reference needs assessment, evaluate your products are delivered from the quota or non-quota resources.

With a team of senior personnel and professional, has extensive experience in complex formerly multinational company specializing in audit, Pharmaceutical, Food and Consumer, Mapu can meet rigorous expectations the assessment standards as well as to represent you in Vietnam.

Let MAPU be a bridge to you and VietNam

Our local offices operate in conjunction with a series of professionals in Viet Nam or your country, industries and artisans to deliver the best quality to our clients, mixing traditions of each specific culture with innovation.