Representative Office as a Sales office?

The risks of careless sales operations in Vietnam

“So what? No one will notice!“ is something often heard from foreign businesses who sell and advertise their products in Vietnam aggressively from Representative Offices. Be forewarned, however: it only takes one laid-off employee, jealous competitor or broken-hearted girlfriend deciding to notify the authorities, and then you have a real problem on your hands.  


Anyone marketing products, offering prices, or conducting negotiations through a rep office without permission is subject to severe legal consequences. Such practices are in violation of the Foreign Business Law and can lead to deportation, office closure or punishment in the form of fees or jailtime. These consequences - including any effects of taxation – may also affect the management of the parent company.


In truth, it is not that difficult to find legally viable alternatives. MAPU Co Ltd., a Vietnamese company with wordwide experiences people and understand culture local, can help you to decide which is right for you.